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Spring 2017 CQB Seminars, 12pm, Hill 260 [NOTE time change, used to be 12:30]

(some dates tentative; details emailed to listserv subscribers)

01/24/2017 Stas Shvartsman, Princeton

01/31/2017 Hossein Khiabanian, Rutgers CINJ

02/07/2017 Cengiz Pehlevan, Simons Foundation

02/14/2017 Sahand Jamal Rahi, Rockefeller

02/21/2017 Victor Preciado, U Penn

02/28/2017 Allen Tannenbaum, Stony Brook

03/07/2017 Karim Azer, Sanofi

03/21/2017 Diego Ferreira, U Buenos Aires

03/28/2017 Anirvan Sengupta, Rutgers

CANCELLED  04/04/2017 Leo Bleris, UT Dallas  CANCELLED

04/11/2017 Nastassia Pouradier Duteil, Rutgers Camden

04/18/2017 Ioannis (Yannis) P. Androulakis,  Rutgers

04/25/2017 Chang Chan, Rutgers CINJ


News and Notable

Recent Publications by CQB Faculty

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E.D. Sontag. A dynamical model of immune responses to antigen presentation predicts different regions of tumor or pathogen elimination. Cell Systems, 4:231-241, 2017. 

F. Menolascina, R. Rusconi, V.I. Fernandez, S.P. Smriga, Z. Aminzare, E. D. Sontag,* and R. Stocker*. Logarithmic sensing in Bacillus subtilis aerotaxis. Nature Systems Biology and Applications, 3:16036-, 2017. 

Y. Vodovotz, A. Xia, E. Read, J. Bassaganya-Riera, D.A. Hafler, E.D. Sontag, J. Wang, J.S. Tsang, J.D. Day, S. Kleinstein, A.J. Butte, M.C. Altman, R. Hammond, C. Benoist, and S.C. Sealfon. Solving Immunology?. Trends in Immunology, 2017. 

E.V. Nikolaev and E.D. Sontag*. Quorum-sensing synchronization of synthetic toggle switches: A design based on monotone dynamical systems theory. PLoS Computational Biology, 12:e1004881, 2016.

J.A. Ascensao*, P. Datta*, B. Hancioglu*, E.D. Sontag*, M.L. Gennaro, and O.A.Igoshin. Non-monotonic response dynamics of glyoxylate shunt genes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. PLoS Computational Biology, 12:e1004741, 2016 (In the news: "New theorem helps reveal tuberculosis' secret")

A. Raveh, M. Margaliot, E.D. Sontag*, and T. Tuller*. A model for competition for ribosomes in the cell. Proc. Royal Society Interface, 13:20151062, 2016.

T. Kang, R. Moore, Y. Li, E.D. Sontag*, and L. Bleris*. Discriminating direct and indirect connectivities in biological networks. Proc. Natl Acad Sci USA, 112:12893-12898, 2015.

E.D. Sontag and A. Singh. Exact moment dynamics for feedforward nonlinear chemical reaction networks. IEEE Life Sciences Letters, 1:26-29, 2015.


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